About us

“UAB Airinga” company’s main activity is the sale of women’s outerwear. Unique and stylish models that you can find in our e-shops. Linen dresses, tunics, trousers, jackets, skirts, blouses, veils. .. During the summer, indispensable garment. The most important quality and exclusivity. There is always so tempting to stand out from the crowd. 

The company UAB “AiringA” was founded in 1992 and specializes in the production of linen outerwear. Accepting wholesale orders not only from Lithuania, but also from foreign countries.

UAB “AiringA” has accumulated extensive experience and gained a name in the market as a manufacturer of fashionable women’s linen clothing. The company ensures high quality of services, thanks to a qualified team and constant investment in new technologies. The entire team of UAB “Airinga” performs the construction of clothes, makes templates and linings, prepares them for production, cuts, sews and packs them. The company sews fashionable and exclusive collections from natural Lithuanian linen for the summer season.

Some information about flax.

First of all, we want to draw attention to the fact that linen is the highest quality fabric. It has longevity as well as a positive effect on human health. Linen allows the skin to breathe, maintain a normal body temperature at all times of the year. Ideal for clothes made of linen to wear in the summer, as they absorb moisture and sweat perfectly, adapt to body temperature and therefore cool or warm.

How to wash and care for linen clothes?

Linen can be hand washed, machine washed or dry cleaned. Bleaching detergents are suitable for white linen. However, colored fabric should be washed with mild detergents or mild soap to preserve the brightest possible color.

Linen clothes can be tumble dried as well as naturally. After washing, the linen will be wrinkled, so the washed and lightly wrinkled fabric must be hung properly so that it does not wrinkle evenly during drying. As the flax dries very quickly, it is important to dry it in time and not allow it to dry out, otherwise it will be difficult to iron. But having a steam iron will make leveling really easy.

Now it is especially fashionable to roll up the linen clothes and leave them to dry (this is especially recommended for scarves, long skirts or dresses). This produces the effect of “beautifully” wrinkled fabric, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Linen fabrics are best ironed when they are still slightly damp: first of all, they will smooth out better, and you will not need to moisten even with additional ironing. It is recommended to iron from the wrong side of the fabric, thus protecting the fabric surface from smoothness, gloss and color fading. After ironing, leave the linen products slightly moist and hang in a cool, dry and well-ventilated room to dry completely. And if the flax wrinkles during wear – know that it is not a defect, it is the flax effect.